Short Tips I’ve learnt from using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 🔥🔥🔥

I started my Cloud adventure with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and ported to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) , there’s still alot of tools I haven’t really dug into in GCP but this article shares some tips I’ve learnt.

GCP Products

Majorly, I’ve used the Compute Engine more than any other product of GCP, I’d say I prefer GCP because of it’s free tier :-D , pricing, simplicity, auto-scaling and other few reasons. Let’s get down to business…

🔥 The cheapest prices are mostly in this regions: us-west1, us-central1, us-east1, read more here

🔥 Set Static IPs for your Virtual Machines (VM) Instance, read more here

🔥 Backup your Virtual Machine Instances with Snapshots (Can also be used in creating a Clone of Instance), read more here

🔥 You don’t need a .pem key to connect, use the provided Browser SSH, read more here

🔥 Deploy your Servers/Applications e.g. LAMP, CouchDB etc.. faster with Marketplace (previously Cloud Launcher), read more here

🔥 Use the gcloud shell in your browser to create and manage cloud services, read more here

🔥 You can share a GCP Billing Account across Multiple Projects and Multiple Google Account, read more here

That’s all for now 😉. Feel free to share and make comments.

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