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Whether your business is early in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation, Google Cloud's robust set of solutions and technologies helps chart a path to success.

GCP Products Highlights

Secure your data, gain real-time insights, boost productivity, and more.

AI and machine learning products

Innovative machine learning products and services on a trusted platform.

API Management

Design, secure, analyze, and scale APIs anywhere with visibility and control.

Cloud Compute products

From app platform to containers to VMs, cloud compute tailored to your needs

Big data products

Efficiently capture, process, and analyze data with Google Cloud data analytics products.

Cloud database services

Fully managed, scalable database services to support all your applications today and tomorrow.

Developer Tools

Tools and libraries to enhance developer productivity on Google Cloud Platform

Hybrid and multi-cloud

Transform your IT and build apps for the future

Cloud Internet of Things (IoT)

A fully managed service to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest data from globally dispersed devices.

Management tools

Tools to help you develop, deploy and manage your cloud apps

Media and gaming

Deliver seamless multiplayer gaming experiences to a global player base.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your IT landscape to Google Cloud on your terms

Cloud Networking

A global fiber network, connecting you to the world.

Cloud Security and Identity

Google Cloud's security model, world-scale infrastructure, and a unique capability to innovate will help keep your organization secure and compliant.

Cloud Storage products

Simple, reliable, and secure solutions for your media, analytics, and application data.

GCP Free Tier

The Google Cloud Platform Free Tier gives you free resources to learn about Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services by trying them on your own.

Always Free

The Always Free program provides limited access to many common GCP resources free of charge.

App Engine

  • 28 frontend instance hours per day, 9 backend instance hours per day
  • 5 GB Cloud Storage
  • 1 GB of egress per day
  • Shared memcache
  • 1000 search operations per day, 10 MB search indexing
  • 100 emails per day

Cloud Firestore

  • 1 GB storage
  • 50,000 reads, 20,000 writes, 20,000 deletes per day

Compute Engine

  • 1 non-preemptible f1-micro VM instance per month
  • 30 GB-months HDD
  • 5 GB-month snapshot storage

Cloud Storage

  • 5 GB-months of Regional Storage (US regions only)

Cloud Pub/Sub

  • 10 GB of messages per month

Cloud Functions

  • 2 million invocations per month (includes both background and HTTP invocations)
  • 400,000 GB-seconds, 200,000 GHz-seconds of compute time
  • 5 GB network egress per month

Google Kubernetes Engine

  • No cluster management fee for clusters of all sizes. Each user node is charged at standard Compute Engine pricing.


  • Free monthly logging allotment
  • Free monthly metrics allotment


  • 1 TB of querying per month
  • 10 GB of storage each month

Cloud Vision

  • 1,000 units per month

Cloud Speech-to-Text

  • 60 minutes per month

Cloud Natural Language

  • 5,000 units per month

Cloud Shell

  • Free access to Cloud Shell, including 5 GB of persistent disk storage

Cloud Build

  • 120 build-minutes per day

Cloud Source Repositories

  • Up to 5 Users
  • 50 GB Storage
  • 50 GB Egress

Free $350 credit to use across the platform

Get $350 credit to use across the platform. This credit is only used when you exceed the free usage limits. Credit expires in 12 months.

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